A Little Luna magic…

The stars most definitely aligned when this dreamy little Baby L popped in to the world, and our studio for her newborn session. I loved creating her session cool sophisticated greys and warm dreamy blush pinks! Just perfect for this astral baby girl.

Choosing the name of our baby is something most of us have to really think about, it’s a big responsibility and we don’t want to get it wrong. This mummy and daddy were really struggling to decide on a name until one of their good friends happened to read this particular one out loud from a baby name book.

A few helpful suggestions from wikihow when picking names for your babies..

Make a list of names that have personal meaning.
Consider names with shared significance to you and your partner
Ask your families about naming traditions and naming heritage.
Wait for meaningful name inspiration during pregnancy.
Name your baby after a season or significant event.

Origin of the name:
Directly derived from the Latin luna (the moon). She was the Roman mythological goddess of the moon and is equated with the Greek Selene. Luna can be used as an astrological name for those born under the sign of Cancer, which is ruled by the moon.

Our brothers and sisters are there with us from the dawn of our personal stories to the inevitable dusk.

~Susan Scarf Merrell

It can be hard for the first born child when a new baby joins the family. Learning to share parents, toys and time can be really trying for small children. I learnt that big brother L has been finding it a little hard to adjust but it was evident throughout the session that he loves his little sister dearly. He was gentle and attentive and oh my goodness wasn’t he just adorable in his little bow tie and braces, well done big brother L you little star!

Mummy and daddy opted to keep the sex of baby L a secret until their gender reveal party. They were both so thrilled to discover they were having a baby girl.

For those of you who aren’t to great with keeping up on all the trends that hit our shores from over the pond…yep, it’s big in America! A gender reveal party is a celebration where either the guests, the expecting parents, or both find out the sex of the baby. This has become possible with the increasing accuracy of various technologies of prenatal sex discernment. For example, less than half way through the normal pregnancy, an ultrasound technician can visually determine the sex. If the parents decide they want to have a gender reveal party they will notify the technician before hand so they won’t tell them during the appointment if they want to be surprised. There are several ways to make the revealing, the most popular being either by having a cake baked with the inside being coloured pink or blue so that when it’s cut in to the slice pulled out will reveal a colour or by using a black balloon filled with pink or blue confetti so that the colour is revealed when popped.

I’m not ashamed to say I love watching all the gender reveal compilation videos on Facebook and Instagram. I love seeing all the creative ways couples decide to share their news.

When we were planning this newborn shoot I was instantly drawn to the theme of the moon, stars and gentle soft shades so that we could create a lovely dreamy feel which would fit perfectly with Baby L’s magical name.

To help create this set we were gifted some cute little handmade items from Natart Made This who create gorgeous newborn props. Their company can be found over on Facebook and Etsy. So if you’re after some items for your newborn shoot then maybe go take a look at their work. But I worn you to be careful because you may end up spending a small fortune, there’s so many lovely things available!

I hope little L stays as magical as she is now. Delicate, and mysterious just as her name would suggest. A little moonbeam of light which has touched the hearts of all her family and friends.

“Yours is the light by which my spirit’s born: – you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars.”
e. e. cummings

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A collection of images form a newborn photo shoot in plymouth.

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