Wow what a start to spring we’ve had! I’ve had so much to tell you all! My months of planning, and hard work over the winter has finally paid off, and below I will tell you all about the exciting new things we have in store for you all this spring at the studio.

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant.”

Anne Bradstreet

Spring to me has always be a time for all things new. New life is around every corner, the trees start to bud and bloom. A renewed sense of hope and the start of a new year after a long sleepy winter. During March I’ve been as busy as a beaver behind the scenes.

“If you’ve never been thrilled to the very edges of your soul by a flower in spring bloom, maybe your soul has never been in bloom.”
— Audra Foveo

With that said I won’t keep you in suspense any longer…..

We have moved!!! Jenny South Photography studio has a new home of 63 Hyde Park road, Plymouth PL3 4NJ.

As many of you know we had massively outgrown our humble studio at the Royal William Yard. I’ve joked that I had outgrown the space the day I had moved in, as the props just overwhelmed both me and the space. #propaholic!! We needed more space to accommodate our artistic flair for creative sessions. (and all the props)
Whilst I’m still very much in love with Ocean studios, it’s resident artists I’ve got to know, and all the staff at Rio and the bakehouse who I still continue to work closely with. It was time to move.
A spring graphic with yellow lemons saying give yourself time to grow
As you will have seen from previous blogs I’ve collaborated with Danielle at The Wedding Hub on a number of projects in the past. She is also the magical cake topper fairy who makes all our cake toppers!
Danielle came to me with an exciting opportunity to share her shop and creative space. A chance to have my own front door and window display on a bustling high street of Hyde Park!
I immediately said yes! I’ve had such a wonderful experience at Ocean Studios sharing a creative space, and I’m excited for the continued opportunities this new collaboration will bring to the both of us, and other creative Buisness’.
I’m slowly updating the studio page of the website, with all the details of how you can get to the new studio. Please check this out by clicking  here, I’ll be adding more updates when I can. I think one of the most excited parts of this is that we now have free parking available right outside the studio, perfect if your popping in for a mini session, or to collect your artwork.
I’m also so thrilled that I can still offer my clients the chance to have lovely grub when they visit the studio. The Sage cafe is a long standing resident of Hyde Park, and has a wonderful selection of goodies that your welcome to pop out bring to your session with us.
It’ll be a few weeks till my name is above the door! I’m keen to get the signage just right, and so excited to see it all up when the time is right. I’m working closely with another independent Plymouth Buisness, and as always proud to be supporting local!
If your walking past do say hello!!! We are still going to be appointment based but if you see me through the window give me a wave!! You’ll be most welcome to pop in providing I’m not with a client. Of course you’re welcome to schedule an appointment to come and have a look also., however myself and Danielle are getting our diary’s together to have an open day hopefully in May. As soon as I have the dates I’ll be sure to let you know.
I’m also in the process to putting together some drop in days, and have a few of our wonderful community partners come and join us for some open days. Again all update will be on the blog and our social media channels.
Good luck if your still here with all my waffling above! If you haven’t guessed I’m very pleased to have moved and can’t wait to offer bigger and better things to our clients.
I have another new update for you all but I think it’s best I start a whole new blog post for that….. you can find this next update by clicking here. 
Speak soon, Jenny x

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