“We made a wish and two came true”

One of the nicest things about being a baby and family photographer is that sometimes I get the honour of going on a very special journey with my clients. Bump to Baby, Birth to Birthdays… Capturing these special moments for my clients and telling their story through photography literally makes my soul so happy…

I first met this lovely mummy when she ever so kindly stepped in to model for me for a pregnancy promo shoot back in February. To say she glowed is an understatement. She looked so radiant in the photo’s, and I’m so grateful she agreed to have them taken. I hope she looks back in years to come and remember just how incredible her body was for making two babies.

I was so delighted when she booked in to have a newborn shoot, and I got to meet not one but two very special babies at just three weeks old.

These two beautiful little miracle babies were delivered by C Section at 34 weeks, and helped in to this world using IVF treatment.

One handsome little boy and one beautiful little girl, two precious little babies.

F came first, born at 11.49am followed swiftly just two minutes later by his sister little R at 11.51am. You just know he’s always going to play the big brother card, even for just those 120 seconds he entered the world quicker than she did.

During our session mummy noticed a cute prop with “All we need is Love” printed on it. We added this in to the shoot, and I think it sums up their journey as a family perfectly. All they needed was love to get through everything they have faced in their IVF journey.

Mummy and daddy chose their babies names in such beautiful way. Baby F, as they both just really liked it. Baby R was named after the lead singer of an indie pop band from Wandsworth that mummy and daddy listen to called The XX. Cool little claim to fame for the twins for when they’re older, their uncle was in the bands first music video.

These few Lyrics from “Our Song” by The XX just seemed quite fitting!

All I have, I will give to you

And at times when no one wants to I will give you me, And we’ll be Us

You’ll have gathered by now that I always like to look in to baby names, where they originate from and their meanings. There are so many websites, and books for you to find the origins and meanings and sometimes there’s more than one…

In Gaelic the meaning of baby F’s name is: Small blond soldier. The name is an Irish baby name. In Irish the meaning of the name is: Fair. Mythology; Finn Mac Cumhail was legendary Irish 3rd century hero similar to the English Robin Hood. His warrior-followers were named Finians. Also a Nordic name meaning “Man from Finland”

Baby R’s name is a girls’ name of Latin origin, and the meaning is “dew of the sea”. Short form of Rosemary, or related to Roma. Or the name Romy is of German origin and means “Rosemary Or Person From Rome.” Romy is a German name meaning “the herb Rosemary.” It is also a female form of Roman.

It’s amazing what we can remember so vividly even when we’re going through something so life changing. Mummy spoke about how she could recall that the surgeon was playing Kiss FM 90’s Dance Music when they were performing the C-sesction. I wonder what songs she heard…maybe a bit of Montell Jordan – This Is How We Do It, K7 and The Swing Kids – Come Baby Come or even a little Whitney Houston – It’s Not Right But It’s Okay (Thunderpuss mix).

Both mummy and baby R needed a little bit of extra TLC after the birth. Tiny baby R spent some time in the gentle care of the Nicu ward and mummy was being watched to make sure her blood pressure levelled out after rocketing sky high! After nine days in hospital all were discharged home and the twins have been inseparable ever since. The parents were so grateful for all the care they have received whilst at home and especially the teams that came out to support them at home.

My Children, My Heart by Lisa Beattie
Her laugh rings through me like a thousand bells. The soft sweet way her little head smells.
His smile so bright, his giggle so sweet. His precious tiny fingers, his chubby little feet.
What filled my days before, I do not know. I’ve so much love within me, from inside my heart I glow.
A beautiful new world has just begun. For in it, is my beautiful daughter and my handsome son.

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A collection of images from a twin newborn session at Jenny South Photography in Plymouth

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