I’ll start where all good stories start at the beginning. My Nana whom I was very close to in life sadly passed away in 2009. I lost a little piece of me when she left, and well like all people that make their mark on you, you never really are the same. Her name was Kitty (Catherine) Hope. If you wander around my house you will see items belonging to her, as well as treasured photographs, and the odd HOPE written in hanging letters, or art work.

Whenever I see the word Hope written I always see it as a sign from her. I have it tattooed upon my skin, and often I will look up when I’m out and about and my gaze will fall upon the letters in the most unusual places.

One evening whilst browsing for inspiration on Pinterest I stumbled upon a photographers work. The stunning images immediately caught my attention and when I took a closer look I was surprised to see the letters hope. I took this as a sign to! After a little googling I found the fantastic Heidi Hope.

I have followed Heidi’s work ever since and taken a few amazing courses with her. She encouraged me after 13 years to pick up a paintbrush and I’m glad she did. It ignited something within me that had been missing for a long time. Being able to express myself with not only my photography but my art once again has done wonders for myself, mental health, and self care.

A few weeks ago Heidi gave me the chance to apply for a very exciting opportunity. To join her, and her studio to become a design partner. I had a nerve wracking application to submit, and thankfully not too long of a wait to receive the amazing news that my application was successful.

Becoming a design partner has meant so much to me, to have Heidi and Laura see something in me worth nurturing, to trust in my talents and passion. I am so excited to bring the design partnership to my clients and studio, and truly believe I am being watched over, and guided by Hope.

So here I am, Jenny South Photography and a proud Heidi Hope Design Partner.


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