I was so looking forward to meeting this family, and brand new baby E.

We welcomed them to the studio when Baby E was a tiny 4 days old!! I think he may hold the record for the youngest baby I’ve photographed!!

I applauded his Mummy and Daddy for being up and out so early! Especially since his Mummy had just had a c-section. Speaking with them both during their newborn session it was clear to see they were still both firmly on cloud 9 after a wonderful birth experience. So much so I asked baby E’s Mummy to share her birth story with you all, and kindly she agreed. Read below the wonderful tale of how this bundle of joy came into the world.

Edison is the healer of our wounds from a very traumatic first labour.

First time around, I was very anti-establishment which was made even worse by those very people telling me my home birth was no longer an option. A long story short: I was forced to face everything I had resisted and feared and eventually rushed onto the operating table to save our daughter.

The entire experience was terrifying, confusing and exhausting. It completely put us off having any more children and gave us such a negative association with childbirth.

“I thank my lucky stars that I found out we were having our second miracle baby who has healed all those scars.”

We elected for a planned C-Section, it was the best experience we could have hoped for (I never thought those words would exit my mouth!!) and it was everything we had missed first time around. We were so calm, laughing and joking as we walked into theatre, the same room my daughter was saved in!

We were completely at ease, every fear was broken down which made way for all the positive emotions and we were just focused on being excited to meet our bundle. I never thought it would be possible to feel such a way in an environment I had previously resisted so much.

I am so grateful to have been through childbirth again and have the opportunity to see a c-section birth in a positive light. There is definitely a place for them and I wish that the stigma around them would ‘just do one’.

Motherhood is hard enough without having to compete with each other about who did it faster or with the least pain relief. I applaud those women, but that doesn’t mean a c-section is an ‘easy route’ or make me any less of a mother. It has only been since Edison arriving that I have been made me at ease with this statement, perhaps because this time, it was our decision and we owned it.

“Just because it’s clinical, doesn’t mean it can’t be magical”…..

Laura Emily

Birth is wonderful however it happens, and I’m great believer in empowering women to make the right choice for them. It was great to see how such a great birth experience had left these parents feeling, and I would like to share the message above from the lovely Laura far and wide! “Just because it’s clinical, doesn’t mean it can’t be magical.

If your booked in for an elected caesarean I hope you take comfort in this blog post. You most definitely are not a failure, and to own your experience in every way you can! I found some great stories, and advice on the Association of Radical Midwives. Click here to be taken to the article.

“You go through life wondering what it is all about but at the end of the day it’s all about family.”  – Rod Stewart

As you’ve hear me say before if you follow me on social media, I love co-creating with my clients. When I spoke with this Mummy-to-be about her vision for her newborn session I was not disappointed with her creative vision. Gold’s, oranges, safari’s, texture! Music to my ears. We designed her session around the area’s in the family home, where they wanted to display their images, the colours they had decorated with, and the warm homey feeling they had created.

Baby E’s big sister also did so well for her being so little herself. We captured some beautiful images of the both of them together, and this wonderful family picture of them all.

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A collection of images from a newborn family photo shoot in Plymouth's Jenny South Photography studio.

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