I love to watch the wind swirl in and out of willow tree’s.

I’ve always found something quiet magical about the way the branches gracefully seem to take on a water like quality and flow with the wind. Today’s tiny girl shares the name of this ancient tree which is believed to possess magical powers. Willow is a beautiful name, as graceful as its inspiration.

My heart jumped for joy when Baby W’s mummy asked me to incorporate some Willow branches into her daughters newborn session. I just love it’s delicacy and softness, and it was perfect for this little one’s session. Willow’s parents are not only new to parenting but also newly married! They recently tied the knot at Deer Park only a couple of months ago back in October. Like their newborn photo shoot, their wedding was beautifully simple with lots of special touches… it was all about the detail.

From the moment I spoke with mummy about the planning of the newborn session my head was wondering all over the place, and I knew we needed to incorporate some of those wonderful elements from both their wedding and their family life. Rich emerald greens and soft whites appeared throughout the styling of their wedding which gave me a great place to start when designing this newborn session.

New parents are so wonderful to watch, they’re so gentle and loving. Proud mummy came with a bag of beautiful treasures that she wanted to use in the photos, one of which was a special Christmas gift from Baby W’s Granny, which was purchased before she was born… it was a beautiful Tiffany necklace engraved with her initials the same as the necklace around her Mummies neck. I just know these two are going to be the best of friends! I can’t wait to see them twinning with their matching necklaces.

Another wonderful piece of treasure I was honoured to capture was a timeless pocket watch given to her Daddy which had belonged to his late father. It was a lovely way to bring her Grandads memory into her newborn session.

I believe picking the names for our children is a great responsibility, so much thought and consideration goes in to it and it’s not always an easy task, for some people there’ll be sleepless nights agonising over the choices. I enjoyed hearing from this mummy and daddy about the choices that led them to pick this sweet girls names.

Willow was a name mummy has loved for a long time and one of the only ones both agreed on. Daddies Grandma on his Dads side was called Rose, and I love how Mother and daughter share something unique with their given middle name’s in this family. Mummy has Nanny’s Birth Stone as hers and wanting to carry on that tradition led to Willow being given her mummies Birth Stone as one of her middle names which is just beautiful…. Sapphire!!

“The relevance of Sapphire is my favourite bit of her name. The fact that I carry a part of my mum everywhere with me was a gift I wanted to also give to my daughter” – says Baby W Mummy.

Sapphire means gifts of peace and wisdom, of honesty and calm, is what the sapphire birthstone carries in its charms. It encourages self expression and to yourself you can be true as it supports with gentle prudence and helps to make it through. It brings a pillow of serenity as it calms a searching mind. It is a light of sweet tranquility the Sapphire crystal shines.

Baby W arrived after a bit of a traumatic emergency C Section weighing a tiny 6lb 3.5oz. She is such a delicate and dainty dot, beautiful and graceful just like her name sake. I adore (even if I do say so myself) the photo of her cradled in her Daddies hands. I hope having these images to look back on will be a wonderful reminder always of just how small she was.

As with all my clients we have a pre-session consultation where I ask lots and lots of questions… I promise I’m not nosey, it helps me plan the sessions and allows me to create something unique for you. During this consultation I talked with little W’s Mummy about her room, style and the colours that they have used in their home. The below quote is hung in this little one’s nursery, I couldn’t think of a better one for her to live her life by!!

“Though she be but little, she is fierce!” – William Shakespeare

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A collection of images from a newborn babies photoshoot

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