Oh sweet baby blue!

After he arrived a little later than planned we welcomed mummy, daddy and little baby R in to the studio for his newborn photo session. This beautiful bundle of joy was such a total delight to work with. Posing, sleeping and generally looking adorable on cue…what a little dream boat!

Chatting throughout the session, it was so great to learn all about mummy and daddy’s love of music, dance and especially their passion for the swing era and the Lindy Hop. In fact Baby R’s parents are quite the dancing duo don’t you know! They both dance, compete and teach right here in Plymouth…. they’re literally Mad About Swing! Little link right there to the name of the dance classes they teach, just incase anyone has been thinking about or looking for a local class to get their dancing shoes to, you should go take a look. I bet you’d have some fun if you went along to a class!

That gets me thinking, I wonder what style of music Baby R will find his feet tapping along to when he’s a little older… The music of the 1930 & 40’s really was so different to anything we hear right now on the radio at the moment……….. oh the the glamour and those outfits!

To live it again is past all endeavor, Except when that tune clutches my heart, And there we are, swearing to love forever, And promising never, never to part.

Lyrics from – Begin The Beguine by James Last

Ah, time warping myself right now back to weekday afternoons of my childhood. To the scenes from black and white movies such as “Swing Time” with the iconic dance duo Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Myself and my Nana would sit and watch all the old black and white movies they would show on channel four in the afternoons. Tea and biscuits, and then half way through my Nana would fall asleep……

I love how songs, and movies can invoke such special memories, I hope the images I’ve created for this wonderful family will remind them of a time when their boy was so tiny and new.

One thing I’m always keen to encourage parents to do in prep for our sessions is to bring along items from home to the studio so that we can incorporate them in to the shoot. Such as personal objects with meaning or ornamental items to link the artwork with your home decor. Ooh, and I especially really love it when parents introduce me to new baby products such as the Snugglebundl that Baby R turned up wrapped in, what a fantastic bit of kit that is… literally multiple uses for one cleverly designed piece of material. It’s great because I get to pass on all these wonderful finds and bits of knowledge to my other newbie parents, anything to make those first few months a little easier. So, parents of precious new bundles everywhere I suggest you go check this cool little item out!

Deciding what artwork to have in your home isn’t always an easy task, which is why I’m here to help! I can give you advice on colour matching, what size or shape would look best where and what baby pose will attract the most “ahhhhh” reactions from your nearest and dearest when they see it take pride position in your home!

Baby R’s family chose to have one of our stunning multi aperture frames.

Don’t worry we’ll discuss all the options available during our Photo premier appointment after your shoot.

Here’s what to expect if you go with the option of a multi aperture frame… You can feature multiple images from your shoot in a number of eye catching designs. You choose from any frame moulding in our large or premium range and combine them with our choice of multi aperture mount options to make a truly bespoke piece or art that you and your family will cherish forever!

The ordering process could not be any easier, and we will discuss all the options during your appointment. All the samples are in the studio, and we can design the perfect piece of artwork to suit your families style and home. The only dilemma may be how do you pick which images to have…. During your appointment we have an exciting piece of software which helps you select the images you wish to use. We then can create a live time example of your product to which ever size and layout that you desire, this will give you a view of how your final layout and design will look when it arrives. Not only that but we can also show you what the final piece of artwork will look like in your home.

To see more from our newborn sessions click here.To know more information about what we offer in our newborn sessions than you can click here. To contact me and discuss your needs click here for our contact details.


A collection of images from a newborn baby boys photo shoot in Plymouth

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