And so the adventure begins…..

Over the festive period we were visited by adorable baby A, who joined us for his newborn session. Not quite ready to meet the world just yet, he arrived a whopping two weeks late! My didn’t he keep his Mummy and Daddy waiting, but what a worthwhile wait he was….

I’m a true believer in babies arriving when they are meant to arrive. Be that early, late, or on time. If your baby is overdue please try not to worry. There could be several reason’s that your baby hasn’t arrived yet. The NCT website offer some great articles and information on overdue babies.

Did you know that Around 80% of babies are born between 38 and 42 weeks of pregnancy. This is often called ‘at term’. Babies born after 42 weeks are described as ‘post-term’ while those born before 37 completed weeks are ‘preterm’ or ‘premature’. – NCT National Childbirth Trust website.

If you’ve scheduled your newborn photography session with our studio, and are worried about your baby being overdue, please don’t be. Every newborn session booking at our studio comes with complimentary priority booking. Meaning you have priority booking in the two weeks before, and two weeks after your due date. We only ever schedule in a certain amount of due dates per month in our diary for newborn clients. This is to allow for the most possible flexibility we can, so your little one’s can arrive safely and when they are ready to meet the world.

If you go past your due date, it can also be helpful to remember that your baby may not be quite ready to be born. The ‘due’ date given by your midwife or GP is only to indicate a likely time for the birth, not the best time for your baby to be born.  Hormonal changes during the last few weeks of pregnancy help to prepare babies’ heart, lungs, skin and other organs for the environment outside the womb; babies born early can need extra help with breathing or feeding.

NCT – National Childbirth Trust

Capturing all of his perfectly tiny details was easy… he was just truly scrumptious and made my job even more enjoyable. His delicate little eyelashes, precious plumped lips, ten little fingers and ten little toes were just beautiful. This year will bring so many firsts for baby A and his parents as he sets out on this new adventure called life. A year of first giggles and belly laughter, First tooth making an appearance, First step towards something he longs for, First tastes of food…a whole lifetime of firsts are just waiting to be discovered.

As well as some beautiful timeless photo’s we also created a few special images just for baby A’s Daddy. His Daddy is a big Star Trek fan, and arrived at the studio will full Captain James T Kirk costume!! This went perfectly with the most adorable little Star Trek baby grow for the main man himself. It was so fun to capture the start of what I’m sure will be a passion shared between father and son. I also had two custom Star Trek props made for baby A’s session needle felted by the wonderfully talented Fibre Art.

“To all mankind — may we never find space so vast, planets so cold, heart and mind so empty that we cannot fill them with love and warmth.” Garth, “Dagger of the Mind”

This year will bring so many first for him as he sets out on his own adventure. A year of first giggles, First tooth, First step, First food…a lifetime of firsts are waiting to be discovered. Not to mention that just the day after his newborn session was his Christening. It was lovely listeing to his parents discuss all the details of what they had planned. His Daddy had planned a surprise, and was hinting the whole session too little A’s Mummy. It was good to see they hadn’t lost their sense of humour through the sleepless nights.

It’s all very exciting! My wish for him, and for all of the precious babies I’m lucky enough to photograph, is that they have a life filled with love and magical adventures. I hope too that they will travel to amazing places and experience as much of this world as possible. Welcome to the world little one. May your life be filled with wonderful adventures…

Welcome to the world little one. May your life be filled with wonderful adventures…

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A collection of images from a newborn baby boys first photo shoot.

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