As the magnificent story Freya whips our Plymouth shores, and show’s us Mother Nature in all her glory. Listening to the wind and rain blowing outside, I sit, edit, and too marvel as this sweet baby girl who shares the same name.

Sweet baby F graced our studio last week, and was a little dream to photograph. Sharing many sweet smiles with myself, and my camera it was hard to stop taking pictures of her. It’s been so great to capture her from being a bump to become a tiny baby. Seeing the excitement her parents shared during their maternity shoot was just wonderful. It was even more wonderful to see how much joy now filled their lives now their daughter has been born.

Her Mummy wanted a very girly and pink session, and of course I very happily obliged. Having two boys myself, it’s lovely to be able to get all the girly props out in the studio. Driving through the city before the storm rolled in my eyes were drawn to pops of beautiful pinks, and whites emerging from the depths of winter. Beautiful soft petals reach for the sunny skies as the breathtaking Magnolias start to bloom. Everywhere I look at the moment I seem to spot these beautiful signs of spring, and taking my cue from Mother Nature yet again, I decided they would be a perfect memento for little baby F’s session.

And my doesn’t this sweet girl suit the dusky pink hues of the wonderful magnolia bloom!! Her beautiful dark hair a lovely contrast against the pale pinks. We combined the blush pinks with soft whites and creams to echo the petals of the Magnolia tree.

Oh beautiful Magnolia, you’re blossoming again.
It’s early Spring and there you are like you have always been.
Your glorious Spring time beauty is wondrous to behold,
But it is such a little while until your blossoms fold.
Upon this wondrous earth of ours are many lovely things.
In spring I marveled at the sights the kind your beauty brings.
Oh beautiful magnolia, you are by Heaven blessed.
Spring time has many wonders but you’re one of the best.
– William M. Wismer

Her mummy went into labour on late on Valentines day, and even though it was a super speedy labour of just 4 quick hours, this little bundle waited until the early hours of the 15th to make her grand entrance. Weighing a tiny 7lb 16oz. She now is the tiniest piece of the puzzle which completes her family. She is the littlest of 8, and her brothers and sisters absolutely adore her, and all have been pouring love, affection, and joy on her.

Babies are like little suns that, in a magical way, bring warmth, happiness and light into our lives.

Kartini Diapari-Oengider

The biggest question I’m asked when people are booking in their newborn session is which date should we book? When booking your newborn session in we will schedule in your due date. This gives us a point of reference if you like. It means we have you in our diary, and make sure we don’t get over booked. We only book 4 newborn sessions in per month. This is so we can allow as much flexibility as possible when we’re scheduling in your session. After all babies decide when they want to arrive. You then have priority booking for 2 weeks either side of your due date should your baby arrive early or late.

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A collection of images from a spring newborn session inspired by the blooming magnolias in sunny Plymouth City

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