Hello world let me introduce you to sweet little baby C! Don’t be fooled C doesn’t stand for cheeks, although doesn’t he have the most adorable chubby ones!! He was just the perfect little man! All 8lb 11oz of him! Pure lovely squishiness!

This little whirlwind decided that he’d waited long enough to meet his parents and made his arrival at the start of this month amid the random blast of cold weather. (For those of you who live in Plymouth you’ll know that was the snow that graced our streets for ten minutes late one evening) but for the rest of the county of Devon it did get a little scary with lots of ice, snow, and well just not the best weather conditions for driving back home in. That’s where this story began……

His Mummy’s waters broke in the comfort of their home, and whilst she was surprised her baby was on the way a little earlier than planned she calmly let Daddy know to make his way back from Sailsbury plane where he’d been on exercise that day. Followed by a quick warning to take it slow and steady in the conditions, as she was sure it was going to be a while before things actually start to happen. I’m sure this didn’t faze Daddy too much, he’ll most likely be used to dealing with extreme situations being a Royal Marine.

It was clear not long after that first call that things were actually happening a little faster than first anticipated, so another brief call to daddy was made to say put your foot down! Luckily Daddy made it to the hospital just in time to meet his new born son, and start their story together as a happy little family of three.

“This is the start of your sweet little story. The part where your pages meet mine. No matter where your tale takes you tomorrow, our story will always read…. Love…” Author unknown

We themed his newborn session around cool whites and beautiful duck egg blues to match his Mummy and Daddies interior decor. Mummy wanted to keep the style quite modern and simplistic to match the family’s home style. I just really adore the understated images showcasing all Baby C’s loveliness.

Here’s my top five tips on planning for your newborn session, and deciding on a colour scheme, and styling to suit your home…..

  1. Where in your home are you choosing to display your images. Above a fireplace? In a hallway? A wall in the dinning room? Perhaps baby’s nursery above the crib? All our great choices, and all can be incorporated into the styling of your session. Think about the light coming into that room, and how you want the final image to be viewed. This will then help me create your images to suit the space, the composite of the shot and making sure the picture fits in the space well.
  2. Secondly think about your style, and the style of your home? Are you in a rustic cottage with lovely chunky wooden furniture? Are you in a modern new build home with clean white furniture? Perhaps a victorian terrace, and your home is more colourful and eclectic? These are great things to consider when were choose which props to use during the session.
  3. Whats your colour scheme? Do you have a feature wall, with bold colours and patterns? Maybe a main colour scheme running through your soft furnishings, and plane walls? Is the room on the cool side of the colour wheel, or have you gone for warmer tones? This of course will influence me in how we style your session, and the colour pallet we choose for you.
  4.  Is the room full of wonderful treasures and nick racks, or is your home spacious and minimalistic? Again when composing your images it helps to know this so we can either keep the props to a minimum or go wild and play with all of the goodies we have hear at the studio.
  5. Do you currently have any other images displayed in your chosen room? Would you like to co-ordinate your new artwork with your existing frames and pictures? This will then help if we are shooting for a specific piece of artwork you have in mind.

We always have a pre-session consultation before your newborn photo shoot, and we will talk you through all these questions and more. These are just some idea’s to get you started planning your perfect newborn photography session.

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A collection of images from a duckegg blue themed newborn session.

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