“Yes, they named her after the dawn, for she filled their lives with sunshine.” – Sleeping Beauty

This beautiful little cherub totally stole my heart!! Her natural beauty, cute sleepiness, just everything about her was so sweet. I could seriously have taken pictures of her all day!!

Sitting here, editing the session, literally fills my face with a smile! She utterly nailed each and every shot. Her tiny, perfect features were just mesmerising! Oh my word, she had the most beautiful long eyelashes and sweet pouty cupid’s bow lips too!!

We started the session with a beautiful summery mix of yellow hues and florals, which seemed very fitting with her being named after the dawn…….. and as it happens, she was a much needed ray of sunshine in the studio on a miserable, grey Plymouth day.

A’s mummy really wanted to use yellow, it’s one of her favourite colours. I usually go straight for the gentle pastel colours, so it was actually really refreshing to bring out the yellows first. I must say, the colour really suited this little one. Although I’ve yet to share any of them in her sneak peeks, you can totally trust me and believe they are just gorgeous, even if I do say so myself! I’m saving them for another time so you will definitely get to see some.

Breezing through from pose to pose seemed just effortless for this little one. She slept so peacefully during most of her session (which is always super helpful for me when posing and moving them around a lot). Occasionally opening an eye or two, to check out what I was doing with her, and then drifting back off in to her dreamland.

In the Disney adaptation of Sleeping Beauty the Three Good Fairies lovingly lavish gifs on the newborn princess Aurora. Do you remember what they were?

One – The Gift of Beauty. Two – The Gift of musical talent and Three – True Loves Kiss.

Well, this tiny beauty most certainly received the same first gift by the bucketload!! Stunning jet black hair, lips red as a rose, and skin so perfectly soft! Time will tell what talents she will develop, and I have no doubt whatsoever that she’ll win a few hearts.

From bright sunny yellows we switched the colour scheme up completely and went for a mix of blush pinks and cool greys. Little A’s mummy had purchased the most adorable feather wings for her daughter’s newborn session. Trust me, when I say I almost did a little happy dance when she produced them from the changing bag. They were so perfect for the shot we’d just posed!

I think you’d have agreed that this little one couldn’t get much cuter. Until….wow, pop a pair of white angel wings on her and it takes the cuteness to a whole new level!!!

Baby A’s big brother came by the studio for the last part of the newborn session to join in. We managed to capture the most beautiful images of the two of them together.

With big brothers arrival, it was time for another little outfit change. He wore baby blue and we dressed A in a beautiful deep Navy to compliment each other. I totally got the impression that this cheeky little chap really dotes on his new baby sister. I can just see that she’ll soon have him wrapped around her tiny finger!

Although there’s a few years age gap between the two of them, their sibling bond already appears to be so loving and strong. I found this poem that I think sums up having a little sister just perfectly….

Little Sister – By Wend Silva
“My sister can be annoying, everything I do she wants to do it too. It’s hard to have a little sister who wants to be like you. She follows me around the house and wants to play pretend. “I’m too big for that” I say but I’ll always be your friend. “Go away and play” I have important things to do. Then before I knew it, my little sister grew. I remember so many great times we shared and wish that we had more. Creating wonderful memories that will withstand time, that’s what friends are for.

Sweet baby A thank you, you really were magical!!

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A collection of five images from a newborn photo shoot in Plymouth Devon

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