Although I have a beautiful studio it’s always nice to take my camera outside. We are very fortunate here in Plymouth to be surrounded by many wonderful locations that are just a short distance away. Moorlands, woodlands and a serious amount of picturesque beaches.

This lovely couple chose to have their family session take place at Wembury beach in the South Hams. The Sun was shinning with all its might, the sea was clam, a perfect day for a stroll and plenty of salty smiles.

It’s always a pleasure to work with past clients again. Little I has already grown so much since the last time I photographed her back at the old studio in Royal William Yard.

It was so lovely to be able to capture the three of these together, as a family, and in a place that is special to them all. I know Daddy is away a lot with his work so their family time together is very precious.

Little I is so wonderfully adventurous, she loves all things to do with nature and being outdoors. It was beautiful to watch her skimming stones with her daddy, exploring and finding shells of all kinds. Her mummy and I chatted whilst we watched them play. She told me how almost every walk they take together Little I will find another treasure which she just must bring home. They have a wonderful ever-growing collection of all of their momentos from their adventures outside on their front door step.

Her Mummy reminisced over many cute little stories, and one in particular relating to this location. She told me how last summer when they visited this pretty beach that adventurous little I had decided to bury her ball in the sand. She has a very good memory and of course the next time they visited they had to spend the whole time trying to find the buried ball and dig it back up. Luckily for us, this time around she was too preoccupied and had forgotten about it so at least I didn’t have to get the spade out!!

Looking back over these images whilst editing them, I’m reminded just how much her parents truly dote on her. The fact that I can capture those feeling on camera for others to see is something that I really love.…. The family bond between these three is so beautifully strong and extremely evident!

It’s always so sweet to hear about those little things that other parents share with their children…moments, sayings, little looks or signs. In fact the cute little heart I is making in one of the images is a special thing just between her and her mummy! It’s their special thing, their mummy and daughter secret code. Something they cherish dearly, that’s just theirs.

It was great to be able to capture some memories for them in the sun, before Daddy had to go away for the summer. I just know that the two of them will have lots of wonderful adventures planned whilst he’s away to keep them busy… and I’m positive that their treasure collection will also get much bigger, with plenty of stories to share with daddy on his return.

A Day At The Beach © Marie Matheny

The sun and sand go hand in hand. The sound of constant waves – There’s a smell of salt in the air. The ocean is seen through a haze.

The parents bring their children And watch them play in the sand. They help them jump the waves By holding little hands.

The teens exude vitality and youth. They know they’re coming of age. They strut and prance and dance around As if they were on stage.

Lovers strolling hand in hand Enjoy their day of sun and sand. They seem to think they’re all alone – The crowded beach on which they roam.

The old move slow and steady Thinking it’s no notion. This could be the last time They get to see the ocean.

The seagulls glide in circles. It seems without a care, But really they are searching A crumb to catch mid-air.

Scattered on the beach Are castles made of sand. Some are small and messy – Others big and grand.

If one is lucky, While looking out to sea They may spot some dolphins Swimming gracefully.

A day at the beach is not complete Without catching the perfect wave Or gathering shells along the shore – Souvenirs of a perfect day…

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A collection of images of a local Devon family spending quality time together on Wembury beach in the south Hams

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