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Baby photographer Plymouth.

“I am an artist. I see the world around me just that little bit differently. How light plays through the trees, the excitement in a child’s eye. I love to create what has never been, be that a piece of art, a memory, a photograph, a feeling. I use my art to make the world a more beautiful. I use my camera to capture memories and moments and to connect with people. My photographs share an experience that resonates in the hearts and minds of others. I have a story to tell, and a statement to make. My strength and happiness lies in my ability to express myself creatively. To see things from a different perspective, and to capture that for all to see, whether that is using my camera, creating art work, or designing a set. My pictures are an extension of my heart and soul. My art tells my story to the world.” 

Children's photographer Plymouth.

“I believe in the power of creativity, creative thought, feeling, and beliefs. I value creativity and creative people. I believe in handmade over mass produced, Locally sourced over out sourced, quality over quantity, craftsmanship over cost effective. I applaud innovation, imagination and free thinking. I admire and support other creative business owners. I think the world is filled with wonder and magic, and I believe in the importance of capturing it. I value moments, memories, and family legacy. Of storytelling and connecting, capturing, and celebrating. I feel time passes by so quickly and that photography is our way to hold on to it. I believe everyone deserves to have their story told.”

Based in the heart of Plymouth in the quaint shops of Hyde Park . I specialise in Maternity, Newborn, and Family Portraits. We create custom portraiture, and timeless pieces of art work.  

Here at Jenny South Photography, I offer a truly one off photography experience. From start to finish everything is tailored just to your wishes, and together we will co-create your dream photography session. I can offer both natural light, and studio portraiture. I also love being out in nature, and happy to capture unforgettable memories for you on location. Founded in 2010 I have a Diploma in photography, and most recently studied with the top American Photographers Heidi Hope, Julia Kelleher, Ana Brandt, and Bambi Cantrell. As well as our own home grown talent such as Natasha Ince Maggie Robinson and Tracey Willis. I am fully insured, DBS checked, a member of the SWPP (The Societies of Wedding and Portrait Photographers), and BANPAS (Baby and Newborn Photography Association), I also have first aid training.

Family photographer Plymouth.
Maternity photographer Plymouth.


Newborn photographer Plymouth.


Birthday photographer Plymouth.


Children's photographer Plymouth.


Family photographer Plymouth.


Commercial photographer Plymouth.


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